Cancer Target Discovery
Cancer Target Discovery

Cancer Target Discovery

Arbele develops a robust and high throughput target discovery platform from preclinical to translational studies

CDH17 detects major types of malignant solid tumors 

The cancer target, CDH17, plays important role in cancer progression and metastasis, which has been found in major cancer types including:

  • liver (745 000 deaths)
  • colorectal (694 000 deaths)
  • stomach (723 000 deaths)
  • esophagus (400 000 deaths)
  • lung (1.59 million deaths)
  • breast (521 000 deaths) 

1. CDH17 is associated with major types of gastrointestinal malignancies.
2. Arbele’s most advanced clinical product targets liver, stomach and metastatic colon cancers, and may be effective in other cancer types.
3. In addition to CDH17, we are developing drug candidates that target other tumor associated antigens. 


Anti-CDH17 kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor metastasis

(A) CDH17 RNAmir causes cancer cell death

(B) CDH17 mAb prevents lung metastasis



Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR-T)

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology directs T and NK (natural killer) cells to recognize cancer cells based on expression of specific cell surface proteins.

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Bi-Specific Antibody (BiMAb)

The use of bispecific antibodies, targeting two tumor antigens for cancer treatment. This approach evolves to BiTE therapeutics, a bi-specific mAb that forms a link between tumor and T cells, causing cancer cell death.

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Cancer Genome NGS (Big Data)

Using high-throughput and cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology, we can identify the oncogenes and mutations unique in patient's samples - tumor and liquid biopsies for early diagnosis and precision treatments.

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