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Career Opportunities

Your job will focus on innovative precision medicine and first-in class therapeutics for cancer immunotherapy to treat advanced solid tumors, including liver, stomach and colon cancers.

We have multiple opportunities for talented molecular biologist and immune cell biologists to join our highly attractive drug discovery programs. Publications in top-tier scientific journals are highly encouraged.

Biologists – Immunology, Cell Biology & Molecular Biology

Hong Kong & Seattle

Senior Scientist

Hong Kong & Seattle

Clinical Research Physician – Oncology / Immunology

Hong Kong based and requires travelling

Accounting Clerk

Hong Kong

Our Science

Arbele is positioned to be a leader in cancer immunotherapies for solid tumors. A central player in cancer immunotherapy is a type of white blood cell known as the T cell. In healthy individuals, T cells identify and kill infected or abnormal cells like tumors. However, cancer cells carrying the ability (especially in solid tumors) to evade immune surveillance is a key factor in their growth, spread, and persistence. We leverage two technologies - Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) and Bi-specific Monoclonal Antibodies (BiMAbs) - to activate the patient's T cells so that they attack cancer cells.