Professional Development

Our Employee Sharing

Yick Liang Lum, MSc Yick Liang Lum, MSc (NUS 1st Hon.) - Associate Scientist
From Singapore/Malaysia

"I had joined Arbele as Associate Scientist and given a chance to pursue my dream in developing cancer treatment. I am fascinated by novelty and advancement in treatments being developed by Arbele and now I am part of it."

With extensive 25 years of academic and industrial experience as bench scientist and lab manager, I am mainly involved in generating, producing, and functionally characterizing biological drug candidates in vitro and in rodent disease models

Maria Ama Sikorski, PhD Maria Ama Sikorski, PhD - Senior Principal Scientist
From Seattle

Patrick Ling, PhD € Patrick Ling, PhD - Principal Scientist
From Hong Kong/Austrailia

“I am so glad that I am able to join Arbele and work with a team of colleagues who share the same vision of developing the most innovative approaches in revolutionizing the treatment for cancer patients. By bringing our existing pipeline of projects into clinical stage, I feel like curing patients with advanced cancer will no longer be a dream. ”

“I studied biochemistry at the University of Washington in the hopes of one day delving into and dedicating my life to cancer research.  Then, I learned about Arbele and the cancer immunotherapy work that they do. I hope to be able to contribute to the already impassioned and wonderful work that is going on here and to someday make a difference in the world for the people that matter to us.”

Eric Dai Eric Dai, BSc (U.Wash.) - Research Assistant
From Seattle

Herman Tung Herman Tung, B.Sc. (U.Wash.) - Research Assistant

At Arbele, I have experienced innovative thinking, the ability to implement my knowledge, and perseverance against obstacles. Arbele is working towards revolutionizing cancer treatment and it provides an opportunity for all of us to come together to make a difference. Cancer is not easy; not on the patient and not on the family. I am grateful to be able to work towards changing that.

"Arbele giving me a great opportunity to learn about drug development for cancerr immunotherapy in biotech industry in Hong Kong. I truly feel the beauty of science and hope in the near future, our work could save moe patients' lives. "

"加入艾伯乐给了我一个很棒的机会去了解在工业界,真正的抗癌药是如何被开发的。 参与在艾伯乐的项目里,我真正的感受到了科学的美丽和我们项目的巧妙想法。在这里,我衷心希望在不就得将来,我们的工作能够真正地帮助癌症的治疗。"

Zoey Zheng Zoey Zheng, M.Phil. In Biotech (HKUST) - Associate Scientist
Hong Kong

Mathew Mo Mathew Mo - Research Intern (BS Bio-engineering)
From Penn State University, PA

"My admiration of biotechnology and passion to do research go hand in hand, and I see to further myself in the study of bioengineering in the future. Arbele has provided me with the precious opportunity for me to experience the research environment in the industry of my designated field. Their research in CAR T cells showed me another horizon outside of what I can only learn in my courses. I feel that I am able to thrive under their closely-knitted training."

"The beauty of science can only be reflected through its practical application. As a medical student, I experienced a lot of moments that people lost their loved ones due to the lack of effective treatment, especially when it comes to cancer. With the promising development in immunotherapy, however, cancer patients now can acquire suitable treatment and benefit from this novel technology. This is the reason why I chose Arbele, a professional team in cancer immunotherapy. It's the right place to start my career and to bring hope back to patients' life."

Tao Luo Tao Luo - Research Intern (MSc Biotech)
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK