Portfolio Target Formulation/Prototype Cancer Indication Stage
ARB-101 CDH17 Humanized IgG1, k Major GI cancers Nonclinical safety and CMC
ARB-201 CDH17/CD3 Humanized bi-specific IgG2, k Stomach and metastatic colon cancer Nonclinical safety and CMC
ARB-301 CDH17/TROP2/tEGFR Dual Pro-CAR vector mCRC liver metastasis and PDAC Pre-IND
Validated target GPC3/CD3 bi-MAB HCC and Lung cancer Preclinical
Validated target CDH17/TROP2 Bi-mAb Colon and Gastric Cancers Preclinical
Validated target TIM3 Monoclonal CPI to reverse tumor immune suppression Preclinical
Disruptive CAR/TCR-T TAA/CPI Immune cell therapy Solid tumors Preclinical
Disruptive CAR/TCR-T PARK/TRIP Immune cell therapy Metastatic solid tumors Discovery and POC