News And Events

Mutual Understanding of Agreement with China Regenerative Medicine International (8158.HK)

Date: June 8, 2016

Location: Hong Kong

Arbele Limited and CRMI share the same vision on cancer immunotherapy and engaged to develop the cell therapy area in Hong Kong and Greater China. CRMI is establishing GMP facilities for stem cell, gene and immune cell therapeutics at the HK Science Park. In addition, CRMI has facilities in Suzhou and Xian, China

Scientific Advisory Board Meeting and Grand Opening Ceremony

Date: May 7, 2016

Location: Convention Center, HK Science Park

Clinical and Scientific Experts from USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to discuss cancer immunotherapy and clinical trials in Hong Kong

HKSTP-Welcome Arbele Ltd to Technology Incubation Centre

Date: May 5, 2016

Location: Enterprise Place, HK Science Park

Arbele Limited is awarded to the Incubator Program under the Technology Focus: Biomedical Technology - Bio-informatics and biomedical products and services. The program provides 4-year supports on:

  • Office Space and Facilities
  • Technical and Management Assistance
  • Promotion and Development Assistance
  • Business Support
  • Financial Aid Package

Seminar presentation

“Drug Discovery Partnership with Biotech/ Pharmaceutical Industry”

Date: March 15, 2016

Location: Queen Mary Hospital, HKU

Professor John Luk gave a talk with aims to bridge the drug discovery from academic institution to the late stage development at biotech and pharmaceutical industry

Our Science

Arbele is positioned to be a leader in cancer immunotherapies for solid tumors. A central player in cancer immunotherapy is a type of white blood cell known as the T cell. In healthy individuals, T cells identify and kill infected or abnormal cells like tumors. However, cancer cells carrying the ability (especially in solid tumors) to evade immune surveillance is a key factor in their growth, spread, and persistence. We leverage two technologies - Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) and Bi-specific Monoclonal Antibodies (BiMAbs) - to activate the patient's T cells so that they attack cancer cells.