Investing To Find Cures For Cancer


Cancers remain incurable, and have caused 8.2 million deaths worldwide (WHO world cancer report 2014). In 2020, The top 3 cancer types (lung, liver and stomach) are projected to cause 2 million deaths in China.

Traditional treatments – surgery, radiation and chemotherapies often result in unpleasant side effects, and demonstrate limited or marginal therapeutic benefits. Molecular targeted therapy is effective for a small patient segment (5-10%) and followed by a high disease relapse rate. 

Cancer immunotherapy - Recent advances and success with immunotherapies has changed the landscape of cancer treatment strategies.

  • >50% patients diagnosed in advanced cancer stages who cannot be treated by standard therapies (immunotherapy may benefit these patients)
  • Cancer immunotherapy is a more successful and promising technology to “kill” tumor cells
  • Effective, fast and fewer side effects as evidenced in blood cancers

Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR-T)

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology directs T and NK (natural killer) cells to recognize cancer cells based on expression of specific cell surface proteins.

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Bi-Specific Antibody (BiMAb)

The use of bispecific antibodies, targeting two tumor antigens for cancer treatment. This approach evolves to BiTE therapeutics, a bi-specific mAb that forms a link between tumor and T cells, causing cancer cell death.

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Cancer Genome NGS (Big Data)

Using high-throughput and cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology, we can identify the oncogenes and mutations unique in patient's samples - tumor and liquid biopsies for early diagnosis and precision treatments.

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