Senior Management


 Arbele is named for its association with  "To heal the incurables". About two thousand years ago, Mount Arbel, which overlooks the Sea of Galilee, was the site of numerous healings of incurable diseases. For the Chinese, the name 艾(Ar) ⾙(Be) 樂(Le) symbolizes healthy medicines for loved ones and brings happiness.

The company's philosophy is founded on 3 pillars: 

Breakthrough Innovation – Research and discovery of innovative products with high therapeutic efficacy
Health Enhancement – Our drugs are designed to cure, prolong survival and improve quality of life
Social Impact – Our business is to maximize changes leading to a healthierr society and human well-being



Senior Management Team

John Luk

President & Founder
  • HKU graduate, Karolinska docent (Sweden), and Merck academic fellow at Harvard
  • Roche (former Head of Discovery Oncology in China)
  • Johnson &  Johnson Medical China (former Head of Discovery Immunology, Virology & External Innovations)
  • Patents & 200+ publications including Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics, Cell, and New England Journal of Medicine
  • Expert in liver and stomach cancers, genomics, HBV and immunity

Don Staunton

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
  • Professor at Harvard and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston
  • ICOS (Scientific Fellow); Cisthera Therapeutics (Founder)
  • Patents & 60+ publications including 30 papers in Cell, Nature, Nature Immunology, Immunity, J.Exp.Med., and PNAS
  • Expert in Cellular Immunology, Antibody and CAR engineering

Eric Huang

Chief Operation & Co-Founder
  • Postdoc and Instructor at Cornell University
  • Expert in Drug/process development, Portfolio Analytic, New Product Planning
  • Head of Shanghai Discovery Center, Janssen Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; Seeded Liver Center strategy
  • > 25 years of experience in pharma & biotech industry (Merck,  ALZA, Johnson & Johnson)

Rita Lun

Chief Financial Officer
  • HKU graduate with 20 years of investment experience on financial industry specialized in global technology and greater China equities
  • Portfolio Manager at Emerging Markets Investors Corp. (Arlington, VA)
  • Former consultant of Our Hong Kong Foundation and research on the HK ecosystem of Innovation & Technology 

Catherine Lee

  • BS (Oregon) in finance and accounting. & HKICPA member
  • Ms Lee has 20 year experience in public accounting and financial banking industries
  • Previously worked with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Deutsche bank

Cindy Shek

Administration and Director
  • Educated at Sacred Heart Canossa and City University of HK with BA degree in Public & Social Administration
  • Served as hospital administrator at Queen Mary Hospital of the Hospital Authority, with extensive experience in Secretariat, Community & communication, Planning and commissioning, Procurement & Management
  • Co-founded Tiberias Limited, a HK biotech on developing oncology drugs

Alf Lindberg

Senior Advisor
  • Former CSO, EVP and R&D Head at Wyeth (US), Aventis-Lederle (US) and Pasteur Merieux (France)
  • Member of the Swedish Royal Academy
  • Former Medical Nobel Secretary
  • Trained at Karolinska and Stanford

John Harlan

Chief Medical Advisor
  • Former Chief of Hematology-Oncology with clinical practice in solid tumors at University of Washington (UW Seattle)
  • Board-certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology
  • “The Best Doctors in America” (2003) & “Top Doctor” (2014)
  • Trained at U. Chicago, UCSF, and UW

Jovey Chan

Senior Legal Advisor
  • HKU law graduate
  • Solicitor and General Counsel for 15 years
  • Practicing business law in technology and energy with rich experience in M&A 

Our Science

Arbele is positioned to be a leader in cancer immunotherapies for solid tumors. A central player in cancer immunotherapy is a type of white blood cell known as the T cell. In healthy individuals, T cells identify and kill infected or abnormal cells like tumors. However, cancer cells carrying the ability (especially in solid tumors) to evade immune surveillance is a key factor in their growth, spread, and persistence. We leverage two technologies - Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) and Bi-specific Monoclonal Antibodies (BiMAbs) - to activate the patient's T cells so that they attack cancer cells.